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Useful knowledge about Cretan tradition

  • Origanum Dictamus

          It has gray-green leaves and fluffy concoction is excellent. However, it has healing properties. It is antiseptic, healing wounds, soothing the digestive system, is used against flu and colds.

          Dr. anticonvulsant and helps in the prevention and treatment of circulatory and heart problems, relieves headaches and stomach problems, toothaches and abscesses. It also acts as an antidiabetic, emmenagogue and as aphrodisiac.

          Dioscorides says in Crete when hunters toxefan wild goats and did not manage to kill them but hurting them gnawed diktamo to suck then their wounds so treated.

  • Precious honey...

        Natural honey has been used by man from the past 2,500 years, all over the world, both as food and medicine. Apiculture, the practice of the process for the production of honey, dates back at least 700 years BC. For centuries, honey was considered sacred because of the lovely sweet properties, and the rarity. Mainly used in religious ceremonies to pay homage to the gods and to embalm the deceased. Honey was also used for a variety of medicinal and cosmetic purposes. For a long time in history, its use in cooking was only for the rich, since they were so expensive that only they could afford it.

  • Olive, old as human being!

           Do you know that olive trees are the oldest trees grown ever? There is evidence that fyontan in Egypt since 2000 b.C. Also, the goddess Athena, the goddess of Greek mythology offered olive in the city of Athens, symbolizing the source of wealth.

          According to Hippocrates and medical science of ancient olive had healing properties and so there was the habit of eating a spoonful of olive oil daily. Even the olive diet related, religion, decorating vases, wall hangings, gold.
         The habit of the coronation of the Olympic with wild olive branch is known to everyone.

  • Raki: The Magic Drink of Crete!

           You've surely heard. If you have been to Crete, or you socialize Cretan ruled not to have tried. Even by force. Raki is the popular drink produced from edge to edge across the island and carries the aroma and flavor of many of the stories of the locals!

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